Bee Options Scam and Complaints

Bee Options Review

When researching any Binary Options Broker its important to determine if the broker is scam or legit. We did a complete test of Bee Options to see the level of legitimacy that they offer. We spoke to Bee at length to determine how serious they are about conducting their business in a legitimate manner and the level of professional courtesy that they extend to their traders. We also did extensive (anonymous) tests of the platform. In both areas Bee Options proved to be an extremely legitimate operation. The care and commitment they showed towards their traders was readily apparent both in our discussions with them and with their behavior towards us as traders.

Complaints against Bee Options

Another important way to gauge the veracity of a broker is to see if there are complaints on forums or social media. To be sure in the trading industry there are people who lost money and they like to blame the broker for their misfortune. You should look for specific complaints such as not paying or for pushing bonuses aggressively.

In these areas Bee Options has few complaints. In fact, in terms of honesty and commitment to their traders, Bee has one of the best reputations.